We want to provide a safe environment to our students, staff, and families. We are following the CDC guidelines as well as the Department of Health. We will be taking all the necessary precautions.

  • Temperature Checks at the door​ - Any students or staff with a temperature of 100.4 and up, will be sent home. 

  • Contact Less Pick-Up and Drop-Off  - Parents must call 5 minutes ahead, a staff member will receive the child and take their temperature at the door.

  • No parents or visitor allowed inside - Only staff and students will be allowed inside the building

  • Hand-Washing - Students will wash their hands once they are received in the morning. Then hourly throughout the day and before and after any meals.

  • Cleaning and Sanitation - Door knobs, desks, bathroom, and common contact surfaces will be constantly cleaned.

  • Social Distancing - As we have small amounts of kids, we will be able to separate the desks and maintain the distance between students. Tapes are placed on our floors to ensure space when students are in line.

  • Masks - Students of the age 2 years and up are required to wear masks. Our staff will also wear masks.